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There’s a book sitting in front of you.

In it contains all the bad things people have said about you behind your back, would you open it? 

Hell fucking yeah

Read it so you can find out what people really have to say about you and how you can change your character to be a better person.

read it so you know what order to murder people in

two types of people in the world

(Source: narcotic)


Today a little girl asked me who my favourite member of 1D is and I said Zayn and she just shook her head so I was like hey what’s wrong with Zayn and then she said “he said his favourite colour is black but also said he’s afraid of the dark. That’s silly” and I decided to back the fuck down because that’s a weird line of argument but clearly this 6 year old’s knowledge of one direction far outstrips mine so there’s no way I’m gonna challenge that

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